The professional gumshield for hockey clubs

Things can get pretty rough in field hockey, which makes protective equipment, including gumshields, all the more important from an early age. But a professional gumshield is much more expensive than the riskier standard product. Thanks to a unique sales concept, gorilla also offers professional gumshields for amateur players.

Our task was to develop the brand communication – from the name and slogan to the design of all the measures.



Naming, brand development, slogan development, brand design

‘Customised, well-fitting gumshields are safer and more comfortable.’

Bouke Stoffelsma, managing director of gorilla


With gorilla, it’s all about baring your teeth – both in sport and on the annual Gorilla Day. That’s because the gorilla dental team takes a professional dental impression of each of the club players. A short while later, each of them receives a customised gorilla gumshield.